Vision of carrots

If you eat plenty of carrots you will have excellent vision.

Though I was not a fan when I was young,  eating a mushy cooked carrot turned me colors just to keep it down. I would weigh the consequences of wearing glasses or eating cooked carrots heavily in my mind and if given the chance would have opted for the glasses. As an adult I have found a love for the orange villain of long ago. But the tale is actually kinda true.  According to John Allred, Professor of Nutrition at Ohio State, They are high in beta carotene which turns to vitamin A. Though it will not give anyone back 20/20 vision, it has shown to help night blindness in which the cause is deficiency of vitamin A.  Also lack of vitamin A in third world countries this is the leading cause of blindness. WOW !

Momma says finish all your carrots or you will go blind.

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