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This post is acutally a little late, my server was giving me problems so this should have been up over a week ago. Sorry, better late than never ;)

So my latest bentos I have made this week for my kiddo. Thanks to all who have responded and liked the bentos I have made and posted. I don’t get to get my craft time on lately because we are preparing to move and everything is boxed up. So I have been getting my craft fix by really focusing on my kiddo’s lunch. She loves it and I get my creative outlet.  It really helps her because I have her on a GF diet and then she feels like her lunches are special. Also as you can see my bento’s are getting more elaborate since my first post on one.

Don’t feel you need to make them extreme, though I enjoy and have the extra time to do it more “cutesy” lately.  Just maybe do one cut out or add some cool food picks. Using some craft punches and some nori sheets (found in the Asian section at practically every grocery) you can easily dress up the top of a sandwich (dab some mayo or mustard for glue) or put a smile on a boiled egg! Just have fun!

Using items from last nights family dinner helps too.  Making a stash of items by freezing the left over from dinners helps in the morning if you put the lunch together then. I sometimes do it while watching the TV before bed. Looking into the TV room while hubby watches his shows.


I had ordered an egg shaper from along with the cute little red bow pick

Egg shapers are so cool they make all different kind of shapes from stars and hearts to cute animal faces!  My little kiddo absolutely loved this one because she loves bunnies!

My Mother lives in California and she so kindly sent me some supplies like cutters that make par boiled veggies into cute flower shapes. (boil salted water add veg cook for a min or two then remove and immediately place in a ice and water bath, this preserves the bright colores). She also gave me this cool tool that you can use to cut designs into things, kinda like a chisel.

This is one of the three new bento boxes I actually found here in Colorado!!! Not sure why it says Fashion on it but the characters are cute, it has two levels and on inside of lid it has a little spoon and fork neatly packed into it.

Inside top compartment with onigiri bunny, pot stickers, rice with veggie flower garden, too cute!!

Lower compartment with fruits and cute little animal faces made for lining

The second bento is a cute thermos type of container with stainless upper compartment.

This bento worked well with keeping the food nice and warm on the inside.


Onigiri rice with chopped carrot. Carrot flower on top. Cucumber with baby tomato and pineapple in silicone container. This is use so juicy items don’t go onto other foods. Little yellow bottle holds soy sauce. All  little containers provided by my Mom, thanks to Grammy in Cali!

The third container it is also a double container with a lock down sides in the top you can see it has a spot for a spoon.

With this bento I used a variety of cutters and another of the chisel type of cutters to cut into the kiwi and create a pattern. Oranges in background lower box along with some red grapes on a skewer.

Onigiri star with smile, little GF soy sauce, yellow carrot, meat flower, meat balls with carrot flower, pea pod and rice crackers. Cute little pink pick frog.

I was so happy I stumbled upon these boxes and the price was reasonable. Bonus! I am grateful for my new tools. But , you don’t need fancy tools to make a cute bento box. Cookie cutters can be used to make the rice balls (onigiri- Check out my recipe, so easy!) and basically you do that and add some colorful fruit and veg, DONE.. Use kitchen shears to cut smile faces out of nori, you don’t have to have craft punches. Make your own picks, Hey that might be my next blog. In the end kiddos love whatever we do for them. If you make them a part of it kinda like a craft thing after dinner that is like getting two birds with one stone.

Momma Says: Keep your eyes open when shopping you might find something to spark creativity in the lunch bag!

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