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I happened upon a cute web site called . The bento crazy person in me spent alot of time going through all the little items and wishing how I could win the lotto and buy them all.

I decided I would just purchase a few items and see how I liked this online company. How long shipping would take them and shipping costs.  Well shipping is a flate rate of $6 anywhere in the US. That is cool So it does not matter how much you buy it will just be $6. They also have incentives for spending more money. I will tell you now I really wanted to go for that. The site has alot of cute bento supplies. 

I had to restrain myself from going absolutly crazy and run up the credit card so I just purchased  a few items.  I bought cute picks and an egg mold of a rabbit and bear set. I could not wait to get my stuff. I was already planning bento in my head while my fingers eagerly put in my Pay Pal information. Bonus there so you know your payment is secure.

To my suprise the package came in 3 days! Holy Cow I could not believe it. I had purchased some bento items from another website and it took 2 weeks.  That was painfull but worth the wait I guess, They were from Japan.  3 Days now that is what I call fast! It helps that the company is in California.  I was more than happy when it arrived. The package was in great condition, all new in package. No Problem. They are my new BFF!

In all the prices are reasonable, shipping is fair and they are A+ online bento source. They stock alot of things to make everyone want to start bento lunches. 

I will definatly be shopping again with , since here in Colorado there is basically nowhere to find bento supplies that I crave. I highly reccomend you check them out!

This web site will be a definate under my Momma must haves!

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