Broken Cell Phone Port- Easy Fix! Save $$$

I recently wanted to do a pay as you go no contract with T-mobile. For 30 bucks a month I can get 1500 text/phone minutes and some mega bites to go online with.  Good deal for me Since it is at least 50 bucks or more for contracts.. Drawback is you need your own phone.  I did not have a “used” T-mobile phone.

So I thought I will go to a pawn shop, maybe they will have one. To my surprise the have MANY phones. All from different carriers. There is a ever changing variety (there is a 30 day waiting if you pawn a phone, so they can verify it is not hot) . There are even the newer high end ones to the very cheap emergency only phones.  Plus you can barter the price.. I got a Samsung Gravity 2 for 35 bucks.  I added the warranty good for 6 months for 5 bucks. 40 bucks out the door no taxes for me!  Searching online the phone is easy 80 bucks used. BONUS for Me- YEA.

Well, the port on the cell phone is kinda loose and if I don’t put it in just right no charge (arrggh) the other phone we purchased before from Pawn shop had absolutely no issues. So just check before you buy.  Since I did have the warranty after a few weeks I thought I will just go back and see what they got for trade.. Well they had some very nice high end ones and some cheaper ones none in my range.  I do not want all the bells and whistles or a blackberry.. So I just told the guy I will just check back in a week or so. 

 This leads to the reason for my post today. I was searching for a quick fix to my cell phone port issue and to my surprise it is a very common reason people have issues with their phones. Some instances they break all together and people then need to buy a new phone if they have no warranty.  I stumbled upon a web site

One person posted on the same issues I stated before and bought one of the travel chargers (they have a few different kinds). The charger just charges the battery! I can do that. They also have a model that plugs into your car.. So with that I do not HAVE to trade back my phone. YEA, because I kinda like it it is pink for heavens sake.  I can still have my option but at least until then I am not frustrated with my phone not getting a charge.  It should be here in 3 days. They have free shipping and they also pay the tax. For 6.99, I am still ahead of the game! So you cannot beat  for value! 

I will post an update when I get the item. I just wanted to get the info out there so those of you who are strapped for cash and have a cell phone with a broken or weak port. Don’t run out and buy a new cell phone. You now have options!!!

Momma Says: . If you love your phone just visit They are the answer to your prayers..

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