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Well I know the site looks allot different. I will be trying out some new looks on my blog here to keep it exciting. So if you come and see something new over the next few days do not be surprised. Feel free to comment if you like something as it can change daily here, not sure.  So hang in there with me.

I guess it all comes down to change is good. I know my kiddos are not happy that I am in this “change” kinda mood. I have been on the bandwagon even in the house. I have been going though everything! We are in the process of moving so it gave me the “Spring Cleaning Fever”!  I have been tossing what I don’t need, sorting and donating… 

It is crazy how much stuff we can accumulate.  I have shirts with stains that for some reason I have been holding on to along with the “skinny pants”.. We all have the “skinny pants”, lets just loose them and move forward and don’t look back. That is my new mantra. Move Forward!  My kids are not on my side however.  My little one scares me that she will be on the TV show Hoarders.  The child cannot give up stuff without a fight.  We have spent a good part of the past weekend going through all the little toys and things that she just cannot put away and shoves into every crevice. We once again sorted out her bins, reliable them and put them nicely back into her nice big cabinet. 

My teen-monster is somewhat better only because I can hold her hostage in the house all weekend if she does not have everything cleaned up by Friday.  Friday is the day she looks forward to all week.  This is the only night I allow her to have sleepovers or have someone sleep at our house. She tries for Saturdays but since Sunday is a family day we just dont do it, learned that one the hard way with allot of “BUT MOM’S”.

So the ending to my bogging today is the weather is getting nice now (ohhh I hope I did not jinx that) and its time to sort out everything and tidy up and make that change for the good.

Few tips I have found about helping to clean up the kiddos bedroom:

First make the bed, get all the stuff off, put clean sheets, make the bed nice. A clean bed  is a huge area that will make the room instantly look better.

Have a basket  (laundry basket works nice) put all the toys and stuff in it, to get it all off the floor and on surfaces it does not belong.

Put all clothes away. Dirty clothes in hamper.

pick up any dishes and garbage.

Wipe down surfaces. I have a Vinegar and water solution that I let her use (totally safe and “green”) in a squirt bottle to clean her desk and other surfaces with. Letting her do it, she actually likes this part..

Vacuum the floor. (you would think that would be last but if it is dirty just do it so you can have them sit on the floor to organize their stuff without sitting in crumbs and  stuff and when they are done with that do it again if needed).

Have  organization bins ready so you can put all the toys that they originally put into the laundry basket away properly.

Hopefully this wont take too long and with some help or should I say guidance (it is their mess so they should be attempting clean it) the task should go smoothly.

Momma Says: If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary Engelbreit

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