Homemade Cereal Breakfast Bar Gluten Free Too!

My little one is on a gluten free diet . We believe she is better gluten free, as we think she might have a “intolerance”. We think this due to the fact if she eats say spaghetti and meatballs (both containing gluten from the wheat) and garlic bread, she gets tummy pains. We notice this at a very young age. Never really put two and two together then. It just seemed like she always had a stomach ache and sniffles. We used to endearingly call her “sniffs”. Plus she as she got older she started to have focusing issues in school. We tried every holistic tummy meds not much really worked. We chalked everything up to her being a preemie baby and thought it was something she might grow out of.  We don’t have any allergies in our family, or people with stomach problems, so it seemed to us it was a preemie thing. 

Then one day I was shopping and a woman was buying a TON of corn starch.  Being the nosey person when I think some Mom is going to do something cool, I asked “why are you buying so much? Some sort of craft thing with the kiddo’s ?” I said with a big smile.  She then said a story that was like a light bulb turned on in my head and I was  standing there with a  DUH look on my face.

She told me how her son had a  “gluten intollerance” think of it kinda like an allergy (though a true allergy is a whole different thing entirely with you histimine levels and such, an intolerance is more on the lines of when you have overly strong antibodies reacting to the proteins in gluten kinda  to Celiacs disease).. That his body when it processes wheat products the gluten gives him a stomach ache and sniffles. She also told me it effects his brain so that he does not focus well in school.  I was like WHAT you are like talking about my little one to a “T”!  Thus began a nice conversation with a woman I lost a phone number to (just my luck). That day is when I started my little ones diet to be gluten free. The results have been the same as her son,  just wish I heard of this sooner. There is allot on the Internet on this subject so check it out and consult your family doctor before trying anything.

Now that I am knee deep into the gluten free lifestyle for my little one, I do find it hard to find some of the things she loves the best in GF that do not have an off texture or taste. So put that on a little kiddo and they’re like”what is this, YUCK”!  I found through trial and errors some good things. But one of my daughter’s favorite things are cereal bars and granola fruit bars. Both of which she cannot bear to eat the GF versions. So I set out to make a pleasing GF cereal bar for her to have as a snack at school.

There are millions of different recipes on the Internet for cereal or granola bars.  I just needed to get the idea of binders. How were people sticking all the yummy goodness together? Yea, I guess I could use GF marshmallows aka rice crispy treat but that is not what I was looking to make I want something like the store brand I also don’t want tons of sugar or highly precessed ingredients. So I decided I would try organic honey, organic Agave nectar and organic peanut butter combination to be my experimental binders and  a couple of her favorite GF cereals then hope for the best.  One thing to remember when making gluten free check labels and beware of oats they are not gluten free unless specifically stated and grown specifically to be GF. So be cautious and buy from a reputable company making GF items.

Recipe for Brynnies GF Cereal Bars:

1/2 Cup organic honey

1/4 Cup organic blue agave nectar

1/2 heaping Cup of organic Peanut butter

1 Tablespoon butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

4 Cups of combination of favorite cereals mixed

(I used 1 cup corn chex, 1c rice chex, *1 cup berry Kix, *1 cup regular kix cereals all GF)

* note of Kix cereal and being gluten free check out website http://www.triumphdining.com/blog/2009/06/29/general-mills-removes-gluten-containing-ingredients-from-kix-cereal/


I put the honey, agave, peanut butter, butter and vanilla into the microwave 30 sec. intervals until smooth and incorporated.

I then mixed the wet syrup with the 4 different cereals.

(at this point I went for the dried fruit in the cupboard but found I was out :( – dried cherries would have been so yummy! you can add whatever your kiddo loves like chocolate mini chips, dried fruit, sunflower seeds be creative with their favorite things)

Placed all items into a prepaird baking dish and smushed down as much as I could to get it compacted like a granola bar.

I then placed it into a 350 degree oven and baked it about 18 minutes, be careful to not burn it.

I let it cool in pan on the counter then placed it into the fridge to really stiffen up.  Cut it into bars

I was ready to give her one to taste as we walked out the door even gave my teenager one

She loved it! I also had to taste test it. Yummy and not overly sweet!  So many recipes have tons of extra added sugars and brown sugars along with binders like corn syrup, maple syrup or honey. The list goes on. I was so happy I did not add the xtra sugars that allot do. 

Bonus the picky teen ate it up without a EWWW I am not eating GF junk!  So it was a hit!

The only thing I would definitely do is add the dried fruit for the extra chewiness. These bars are crunchy and chewy but the fruit would have brought it right up there  to compete with the store bought preservative high sugary ones and blown them out of the water. Ohhh maybe some chocolate drizzle next time oh yea I want to keep it healthy. But they say chocolate is good for ya? Yes I will go with that one next time. Sometimes you gotta be a little bad….  ;)


Momma Says: Crunchy, chewy an O so yummy. Make them up with your favorite things. You will never buy store bought again!

Gluten Free home made cereal bars

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