Film Review: Rango

Let me start off by saying what a Johnny Depp fan I am. I dig his “dark” characters and think what he does would turn into gold. With that said, fools gold is what Rango turned out to be as a family film. 

The movie is about a chameleon that gets stranded in the Mojave dessert. He is in search of the “spirit of the west” and finds his way to a town called Dirt, where water is like the currency for this town. When the water goes so do the people and the town will die sort of thing. The characters in Rango are made with a high level of detail geared towards realism and are far removed from “Disney like” creations.  Not your cute animation film at all. I also find it disturbing for a movie where they know kids are target audience, to have a character with an arrow through its eye coming out the back of his head. My little one found this unsettling.  Makes me wonder if this was directed for adults rather than the assumed younger market, cause I really don’t think  little kids are going to love this one.

The dried out frontier landscape is so realistic you almost get thirsty yourself, so visually it is very well done. I just have a HUGE problem with the very unfriendly looks of the cast of characters. I do not expect all films to be butterflies and rainbows with cute bunnies running around, don’t get me wrong.  I feel if you want an animation film to go over as a “family film” that you should just not make the cast so repulsive! Quirky silly is fine some of the characters faces borderline gross. This is definitely not a little kids movie.

Johnny Depp’s character plays the  new sheriff of the old worn western town. The movie does play out like a western and even has a surprise in it that would be amusing to adult fan. Not to mention that like 75% of the fast talking dialog went over my little ones head.  I say 75 % because she did not get inner story of the film at all when I questioned her.  The only part of the film she absorbed when asked what did she think the film was about was ” Rango lied to his friends and he needed to help them get water”. I guess she got the basic of it, but not at all any of the plot twist.  The fast talking abstract sense of humor is so that only adults will pick up what they are saying half the time. I enjoyed it but she was oblivious to alot of the consepts of the dialog. I even caught her looking around at the movie theather instead of being absorbed into this movie.

The language is strong for little ones also with them saying to each other “go to hell”. My 8 yr old got that and quickly looked at me at the same time I looked at her we both new a “bad word” was said. There is allot of violence in this film with all the gun-play and there are scenes with the mariachi birds hanging in a noose along with Rango contemplating suicide crossing the busy street. So for the little ones maybe this is not the film for them.

 The movie makers try to make it seem so cool for adults in the crowd it strays from the kiddo movie that is at first seems intended for.  I can see boys maybe about 9 to 13 will most likely love this film (ok girls too? I say to be politically correct only) or western movie buffs. But  seriously will western movie buffs actually go pay to sit in the theater for an animated film supposedly targeted for kids? Beyond that I do not see older kids saying yea lets see Rango or Adults alone so I am not sure on this one.

  The character will definitely appeal to the previously stated and the western “shoot em up”  high energy will be more up their alley with all the violence it really has. The bad guy snake will probably be their favorite. The movie has the makings of spaghetti western with a twist of blazing saddles on some sort of psycalledic trip.  I feel people who will get the humor of this film will be the ones who will go see it with their kids and not so much the kids.

You do not walk away feeling all warm and fuzzy inside from Rango.  To the contrary it made me feel like I got kicked in the head and left feeling how I should have spent my money renting a better family film at “redbox”, especially since I paid double to see it in XD.


Momma Says: Rango is definitely not a kids film, wait and rent it then watch it when the little ones go to bed.

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  1. Lynette says:

    Me & my 6-yr-old daugher went to see this movie yesterday – and I had been avoiding it because I simply don’t like Westerns, and what I saw in the commercials did not look appealing. But, my friend insisted on going to see it, with her 5 yr old daughter. And when we went to see it, it only confirmed my previous desire to avoid it. It was awful. I wish I had’ve read the review before-hand.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the reply. It is really hard to find the simple kids movies without all the extra added stuff. I can only hope movie houses such as Disney and Pixar can go back and focus on good story lines, like older Disney films. Just made for kids with a good moral to a story.. Sad sign of the times…
      **Updated so there is no confusion. I am not saying the film was made by Disney or Pixar. Those two are the big names when it comes to kids movies. They can put verbage in their films that are probibly not all appropriate for younger viewers. If they start the more kid friendly trend hopefully other big movie houses like Industrial Light and Magic (there are too many to list) will follow suit.

      • Rachel says:

        Hey, just so we’re clear, Rango was a Nickelodeon movie. It was not done by Disney or Pixar or a collaboration of the 2 of them. Not a sign of the times, a sign of not a Disney movie.

        • admin says:

          Thanks for your comment. If I may quote what I said “The characters in Rango are made with a high level of detail geared towards realism and are far removed from “Disney like” creations.”.. Not that Disney made it.. Industrial Light and Magic I believe did the animation. my comment was saying that I felt that the characters though well made as far as animation were disturbing and NOT DISNEY TYPE. If parents wanted to see I was stressing that they are not cute and fluffy type.. I do wish movie houses such as Disney, Pixar and ILM would consider the target audiences cause the film was not at all what was expected.

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