Lets Get It Started In Here

Well hello,

I made this site to give my opinion on all things any Mom these days would need to know from  from cooking, kids, movies, books, toys, learning tips and anything else that comes to mind. Having two kids of my own one in the teens and one  younger. We have had our share of pets too from dogs to frogs, turtles and rabbits, chickens and kittens.  I get to see alot of variety around my house. I am also an avid quilter, photographer, scrapbooker, baker and knitter when I get my ME TIME. I have been a working photographer and also a trained  Montessori teacher and nanny for most my life until my 2nd child was born 7 yrs ago that is when I decided to be a stay home Momma full time. You dont have to have kids to enjoy this site I know some people who their pet doggie is their baby! I just hope you find what I have to say helpful and interesting

For today Momma says bookmark this site and maybe you will learn a little something.

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