Cake Pops Not Just For Holidays

I got a book thought I would try the recipes for Cake Pops as writer Bakerella calls them. They are also called cake balls for everyone else who has made them. What I liked about bakerella’s “Pops” was it is a new spin on an old idea. She has very creative ideas for the cake balls and the photos and illistration of how to steps are easy to follow.  Kids will love the ideas she dreams up in this book.

What are cake balls?  Think of a doughnut hole on a stick. Though you dont have to make them on a stick, but why not? it makes it so much fun to eat it that way.  Who does not love any kind of food on a stick?  My kids would eat their veggies better if on a stick so why not dessert.

I am definatly going to try some of these ideas not just for the holidays but as a fun suprise for after school I think would be so fun.

With Valentines class fun coming up I really wanted to make something fun with my little one to pass out with her valentines at the class party. Though the book has so many cute animal faces and such my mind was realing with the fun of decorating my daughter would have. So 2 weeks in advance I made the cake cut it into fourths and froze it to save until the use the day of making the pops. Purchased all the little valentine type of sprinkles and things. I thought the little bear or a piggy with heart for a nose in pink candy coating. My spin on her idea. Then the weekend of where I was susposta start to get these little cutie pops together came and I was still getting over a cold (going on 2 weeks) so my creative juices were not exactly flowing.  I was not even sure my little one who now was complaining she was not feeling good would even make it to school on Monday.  So as she lay in front of the TV I sanitized the heck out of myself and with mask and gloves all on to make sure no germs spread to these little yum balls, we got it together at the table and started. Problem Iam not full of the energy required for all the little faces of Valentine piggies I had dreamed of making and the effort  needed to be creative was not there.  I decided to opt out of the animal pops and just decorate with different sprinkles. That way she can still help and she can still have a cool treat for class.

The first thing you need to do is make the cake and have it cooled. Since I made mine a little over a week prior I just defrosted it. Then you crumble the cake into tiny crumbs.  When the crumbs are nice you add 1/2 to 2/3 of a can of frosting. Many websites and the book use this amount.  I softened mine for a few seconds in the microwave since I had mine in the fridge. Then you fold the frosting into the crumbs. I like the texture of still looking like some sort of cake is inside so 1/2 jar was used and that was plenty it held together great. If you use more frosting it makes them more texture of a truffle. Why not just make truffles then?  What ever you like do..

Next you make the balls. I used a small cookie scooper. That way the balls were all consistant in sizes. With a little roll in the hands to help shape (kiddos will have fun here) you place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment and freeze for 15 min. While that is happening you can melt the candy (chocolate) coating.

I bought two different types the big brick type from local food store and Wilton brand. I must admit the coating on the Wilton brand seemed just as good if not better. Plus you can get a variety of colors where as the brick you just have white or cocoa colors. I do not want to mess with food color paste unless I have to so just get the Wilton brand if you need a color.

If you go for the Pops like Bakerella, you need to dip the lollipop stick (found at craft stores) in a little of the coating then insert into balls or omit that step all together and just pop them into the coating. Do this step a quickly and dont coat too heavy or they might fall off the stick.  I used two forks to swirl the balls around in the coating let the coating drip off a little then set them on parchment. Once you dip in the coating get ready to add your decorations if your just going to do sprinkles cause the coating will harden and then duh they wont stick on.  If your going to actually do faces and such I suggest Bakerellas book to see how she sets it all up. I on the other hand was taking the easier way out and after wards would just put the pops and balls into cute little liners.

The end result was just as cute and they looked like yummy bon bons. My 15 yr old daughter took half for her friends at school and she even gave me a kiss and “Thanks Mom” to my surprise. My little one could not wait to take them to her class also as she giggles with delight in knowing we did another cool snack together.

 Thank goodness I was able to scrape an extra one out to taste test with my hubby.  Just too bad I had to share!

I suggest the book because she has so many cute ideas but if your strapped for cash google to get some online ideas.

Momma Says: Cake balls are yummy and so much better than a huge slice of cake for the waistline!

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  1. Auntie Chee Chee says:

    Cake-cream-cones. Have you ever tried this? Use colored or plain cones, fill with cake batter 3/4 full, bake in muffin tins to hold cone upright, (also: tuck alum. foil around cone to keep upright) bake at normal temp. for about 20-30 min. depending on your oven or the looks of the cake filling, it should rise above the rim of the cone, cool then swirl the top in icing and viola!, easy, portable and NOT MESSY to eat. Decorate if you wish, great for bringing them to school!

    • admin says:

      I have seen them but never tried, now I will. Pretty much anything cake goes over well in my house! I would imagine the ammount of batter would matter or it would flow over like a volcano? Just my guess. I will let you know how it turns out, Thanks :)

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