Southwest Airlines: Unbelievable Heart for Customer Service

The way things are now a days it is so hard to find customer service in any company. You are usually just one person insignificant in a sea of people, a number or something. Companies usually do not have heart. They are in it for the almighty dollar and not caring how they get it or if you are happy cause if your not someone else out there will take it so who cares. This is our sad reality of the capitalism. Too bad you would think that if a company really cared that people would flock to them for their services.

Well if any company needs us to flock to them I believe it would be Southwest Airlines. I have not taken a trip in a very very long time. So why do I need to post my opinion on this? Well I was going over some emails and this story came across to me.  I had tears in my eyes be the end of the article. It tells of a Grandfather trying to make a connection flight out to Denver to see his grandson, for the last time.  His little Grand baby was to be taken off life support and he wanted to be there to say goodbye.

Oh my the tears are welling up as I recall the sad story of Caden Rogers of Aurora, Colorado and his loving Grandfathers wish to say goodbye.  The little angel was a child put on life support due to child abuse caused by the hand of the little boys Mothers scumbag of a boyfriend Theodore Madrid. Who had since been charged with first degree murder of the little boy.  On a side note there is a special place in Hell waiting for that evil #$^*@* (sorry about the language, my MOMMA BEAR is showing).  Well to make a terrible story end with hope that Grandpa will make it to baby boy’s bedside. If not for the pilot of the plane on Southwest Airlines holding up the flight for Grandpa.

I think we should show Soutwest our support and travel on their airlines! I know I will.

Read the article and see a clip at :

Now if this story did not just give you hope that there are still a few good men out there and a company that I can give my respect to I do not know… Southwest definatly has my support! I think all airlines should hear of this story and see the efforts of one man and how he impacted this family. It takes one person to make the right choice for the people and show compassion to someone and this pilot did the right thing. It could be something big like holding a flight or small as helping someone with their groceries to the car.  The point is to show we care about each other. Like a ripple the effect can hopefully change the world into a better place.

Momma Says: Let you be the first to start to make that change. Your thoughtfullness could help change the world.

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