Picky Eater Is Now Her Own Chef

My hubby and I like to go out to eat at the local Soup and Salad buffet.  I don’t know why but if you go with a coupon or a kids eat free night your very much ahead of the game. Because the price to eat VS buying all those veggies seem to work to our benefit. You might think it is only salad but hey it is all the rest of the veg you put on it too..Anyways we justify it in our minds, plus it is a night where I don’t have to cook.  My little one though she does kinda eat a variety always seems to not stock up and really eat all those veggies that I would like. She is usually eating the canned peaches and two peas and a pile of bacon pieces. Then sometimes the soups are not really “KID FRIENDLY”. My daughter and I came up with the BEST WAY to get the little one to eat her veggies and even try some new ones!  Dare I even attempt this? Yes, and the secret is making her believe she is being a chef… What? How?

Here it is.. You take an assortment of vegetables from the salad bar.  Do not mix them just make little piles. Don’t take too much either or it will seem overwhelming of YUCK to them. Just enough to make a few bites. This is where you have them place items of things they will never eat if you make them. Make it not seem such a big deal, just a nice assortment. All the while they are the ones placing items on the plate, that gives them the “in charge of the cooking ingredients” job.  Then you go to the soups and get the broth only in a bowl. cause usually they have all the soups your kids will never try, so just get the broth out of the pot. I then grabbed a plain corn taco shell.  She was excited at this point to create her meal. We sat down and she took a few pieces of the spinach (yea), added shredded carrot and even radish! She just went for it and put maybe one or two pieces of variety of vegetables into the soup and did the same with the taco shell. Last she added some pieces of cubed ham and turkey. All the while I was like “Oh my, that looks so tasty” and “That is a good idea, put some of that in”. She happily stirred her soup as to cook it and I happily smiled in anticipation of her actually eating it. 

Then she took her veggie taco with bacon bits and ham and took a bite. In my head prayed that the vast assortment of veggies would go down well with her favorite thing in the world bacon, held my breath with a fake smile and said “Well, what do you think?” .. “It’s GREAT” she shrieked loudly!  ” I am the best cooker, try some”.  I then took a small bite and said “your right baby, this is good. Your a wonderful cook”.  With that she gobbled down half the taco and then said “my soup now, lets taste it”.  By this time some of the veg had time to steep in the hot broth and I must admit it did look rather good. She took a big spoonful and to my surprise there was a stewed tomato in it (I didn’t know I got that in there when I got the broth). She ate that soup happily all the while commenting how she was the second best chef in the world and how Mommy was the first.

This whole experience made me stop to think. We all bake the cookies with our kids but seriously how often do we let them really make the meal? It can be as simple as soup and they just love it. Plus with just a few additions of a variety of different things it transforms into a hearty bowl of soup. No plain broth and noodles in a can can compare! The key is not only letting them pick the amounts and such but that the soup is already hot and then the addition of stuff becomes “al dente” more firm texture to the vegetables not some soggy, mushy and slimy things in what was a yummy broth. One biggie is giving up the control. Let them choose. Even if only one tomato slice or one small piece of broccoli was put in it is one that that usually don’t choose and now they did! Then you can reply as I did something like “Wow, who knew you would like radish in your soup?”…

Momma Says: Weather at home or the buffet, let their creativity inspire healthy new ideas!

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  1. Vicki Smith says:

    My Son when he was little used to always pretend to be a chef and he would play chef in many different ways, even when he was taking a bath lol. He would take pretend orders from me for food and then wouldpretend he went back and cooked them and he would even be acting out as though he was talking or ordering others to cook etc. It was great. he always had an wonderful imagination and creative mind(still does). Also, he used to invent different ways of making real foods as well. He would make drink mixes with mil, some I was not really interested in trying because they di not look very appealing but, I tried them non the less and most of the time they were p[retty tasty regrdless of the apperance :). and I fI was able to afford to take my Son out on occasion he would be just as creative there :) What a wonderful gift to enjoy your childs creativity and imagination :)

    • admin says:

      Vicki- Dont you just love it when the kiddo loves to help in the kitchen! What a joy to have your son be so creative. I say let that just blossom in him. Who knows he may one day be the next Emeril!!!

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