Winging It

Every time a bell rings an angel gets it’s wings

Ok being the good little Catholic girl I was as a child, I would think of how sad it was all these little angels up in Heaven waiting and waiting for someone to ring a bell. It broke my innocent heart to think of it. Well I do believe in angels, heck I think I know some here on earth personally.  This one is just only a nice ending to a movie we all love to watch. It can however give you a nice warm fuzzy all over feeling that your are doing something nice.

Oh great I just thought of it what if I am totally wrong, maybe it is true oh no, where is a bell? Darn can I just wistle? Well I think we are all safe on this one, at least for the angels up there waiting I hope so.  ;)


Momma says you’ll only have ringing in your ears so cut it out.

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