Christmas Traditions Start One

Many of us now a days think Christmas and get a deep sigh of thoughts of bills, standing in line for that one item at a good price,  black Friday, oh no kids off school and basically the feeling is oh no its not here already! We have forgotten the true message.  For many people including myself it is of religious significance. Some it is Santa and just they joy the season brings or a combination of the two.  One thing for sure it should not be of dread that it is around the corner.

I have over the past few years have really reflected on what Christmas has meant to me personally. It for sure is not of the store and shopping experience. I have tried over the years to install in my kids that I do not want a gift anyone can buy.  I want something from the heart. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying a tangible gift is out of the question.  That is not the case, the gift if it is made by them is more special. Plus having a birthday in the same month as Christmas is kinda hard for them if I expected them to actually purchase me something.   Over the years my girls have made me one of a kind gifts by hand. I love them more than anything cause I was in their heart and mind during its creation. Few years ago my older daughter made a video on the computer with images and music. I had no idea she could do that sort of thing and it made me cry. I felt the love we had watching all her hard work she did and she was proud of herself it was great. My little one is the crafty girl and makes me wonderful pictures and also a bracelet she made. I wear proudly the jewelry I have that was made by kiddo hands.  Over the past years they have made me a movie with the video camera, it was so funny we all had fun watching it. Sang me a song and dance that they made up and even made collages.  They know that if it is from the heart when it is made it means so much more to me than anything that could ever be purchased.

Traditions are very important and we should all have some sort of tradition to pass on to our kids. Weather it is a special meal made or dessert or as a family buying ornaments, even giving of your time to help others in need. Traditions passed down hold a special warmth in the heart that will always be remembered. If you don’t have one yet here are a few that may spark some sort of  inspiration for you and your family to start.

There is the usual baking of the cookies… but how about finding a bunch of recipes and letting THEM the kiddos choose? Who knows what they will want traditional or just something crazy and different? Don’t be rigid that cookies need to look a certain way.  Let them decide and be the creative force this year

Give to those less fortunate… Ask retailers to donate gloves and hats to pass out to homeless.  I have personally seen a large retailer sell hats and gloves at a huge discount so a family could do this.  On the same note a woman and her family bought a bunch of fleece to make blankets to do the same.  Don’t forget the seniors in hospitals and homes where they have no family to be with. I am sure they would like a blanket or slippers even some kind of treat to let them know they are not forgotten.

Make Christmas cards as a family to send out…  Let your artists go to the local craft store or scrap booking store and pick out card making items. You can even insert your own picture so you don’t have to buy picture cards. They will enjoy the experience and take pride in their creation.

Spread the joy.. Are your little ones into singing? Then get a group of them together and print out some lyrics to Christmas Carols and have the gang sing to the neighbors or even in homes for the elderly.

Make tree trimmings… There are many different things you can make for the tree. You can even go online and find many ideas. Plus it is cute to see over the years how their crafting skills improve with age. So DO NOT do it for them, as a former Montessori teacher I cannot express the importance of them doing the craft themselves. If they do not put the face on something correctly bite your tongue and smile and say they are just like Picasso very interesting! You will love that funny faced ornament when they are no longer little. trust me on this one…

Celebrate your heritage… Discover what was done for the holidays where your ancestors are from.  What did they do in Poland or Italy?  If you just want to theme it for a country where there is no connection even better it can be a learning tool on other cultures!

Make a gift for someone in the family… Have everyone in the house pick a name out of a hat, then make them something.  Of course little ones would need help so have them pair up with an older sibling or have the kids do one for parents and parents for the kids.  You can down play it by making a list of what makes that person special to you over the past year.

I read in a magazine of a Mother who collected an ornament for her child one every year that commemorated a special thing that happened and when the daughter moved out into her first home the Mother gave it to her as a housewarming gift. The daughter never knew her Mom was doing this. I wept at the thought.  I have tried to play catch up and have been buying one since.  So whatever you try to do think of a way to bring the spirit of the season into your house. Let us teach the generations that this holiday is more than what the TV advertising wants us to believe. You don’t need to buy the latest and greatest. What we need to do is instill the values and family traditions into our children so that they will know the meaning of Christmas and they can pass that on to their children. Then the tradition was born!

Momma says:  He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree – Roy L. Smith

Christmas Traditions Start One

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