Costumes More Than Just for Halloween

Well it is the time of year when you can choose to be scary, cute, daring or just silly. It is the one time when some kids actually get to really think “what do I want to be”.  For some kids like mine they have been planning on it all year! My daughter since last year wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer Girl. There has been nothing else on her mind all year.  I remember a couple years back at this time she could not decide between the Super Girl costume or going purposely against scary and being a Christmas angel.  Well the angel won that year and she said next year I want to be the Pink Super Girl!  My older teen wants to be this tight fitting little cop outfit that she saw at the Spirit Store and I said NO not without some sort of leggins under, I mean really the teens these days they dont need to look like a “pole dancer” dressed in a cop outfit or whatever outfit. (Excuse my offence if I have any readers that ARE POLE DANCERS, I just will quote Cris Rock here “My whole life is dedicated to keeping my daughter OFF THE POLE”!) Gone are the days of cutie princess for her she will be 16 and is way to cool for any of that- insert big sigh here for my little girl lost to teen hormones… I can go on and on how marketing is so gearing up these type of outfits for girls but that would be a long blog here, I will just end with a hope that all parents out there (HELLO DADS?) will shop with their teens and comit to them not being too risque’ and if you have to add those pants and Moms sew up those cleavage showing shirts or wear something under!  Stick to your guns I know it is hard but they are only girls for a while teens to quickly want to be that image forced down their throat (whew, ok I am done). I can only hope then we can see a change but that is not the reality of today sadly.

So as to searching the web for an idea to approach her with I saw so many cute little kid costumes I thought I would write a post to give you all some ideas if your little one has not already got you to buy one yet but, instead I thought of some good advice for school projects and Halloween costumes that I do..

I always buy extra costumes for when my kids have days in school they need to dress up for like my daughter had Egyptian day and since last year I went and checked out sales after Halloween I got the cutest costume for her to wear for school. Got the glue gun out added and some extra puffy paints we together added a little extra bling and some heiroglyphics to it and she was so proud.  And all for buying this cheap costume at pennies on the dollar the day after Halloween. So if your little one will be learning of anything  ask you students teacher (even the staff for the following year, my school does certain dress up days for particular grades every year so you know what to expect) ask the teachers now so you can be prepared.  President Lincoln or colonists even the Renaissance period get these costumes when Halloween is almost here, even after is a good time to buy an outfit. The closer you get the better deal you can sometimes find. BEST TIP if you can wake up early when everything at your local store will be 50-90 % off you will get the best deal of course but buyer be ware you might not get the one you want. So if you can do it sooner than later cause I was at Walmart last year and the moms who went were like ravenous wolves, I tell ya it was crazy. So buy that extra if you can so you wont be scrounging around to put some costume together at the last minute for school dress up and your kids will love ya for it!

Momma Says: Be prepared start getting ready for school not just Halloween.

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