Book Review: The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine

I heard of sneaking healthy foods into food that kids normally eat. Though I do not have kids that are too picky of eaters, every kid has their moments. Mine are no different. Sometimes you have to say ok to more kid friendly food, so why not make it healthier without them knowing. 

My first read on this subject is the book The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine. I got this book off as a gift off my list of wants.  I was pleasantly surprised on how she made it seem simple and had allot of kid favorites like Mac and Cheese a kid staple in my house. 

Not only did she have a home made mac and cheese but told how to add to the all time favorite BOXED version that we all buy, that takes only 15 min to make and every kid loves. I followed her advice on it and behold my 8 yr old was not sure at first but ate it up without being any wiser to what I did.

I also took her advice and added spinach to boxed brownies, she also had a scratch recipe but I had a box mix and tried that one. Her advice it to use what she  calls purple puree which is a combination of berries and spinach for instance.  I also like that she says to try baby food if you dont want to puree your own.

 That is what I did I bought  organic baby food spinach and another jar of berries and added to my box of ghirardelli brownie mix and they came out extremely moist and chewy!  I offered them up to my 14 yr old and her girlfriend and neither of them knew and both asked for seconds! I gladly served it up to them with a big smile knowing that I fully intended to use them as guinea pigs and it worked. LOVE IT!!!

I like how she breaks it down in color purees. Cause you can easily hide vegetables if first off you dont make everything look green! So the idea of using colored purees that blend into the foods makes perfect sense to me!

I like that it also is made easy with the idea of if you cannot make your own puree try good baby food. It is pureed so smooth you don’t have to worry for lumps making the foods texture off that you put it in.  I will definitely be trying some of her other recipes and look forward to making them there is some sort of satisfaction I am getting from putting all this healthy vegetables into things that normally don’t have them.  Especially to my teen who suddenly hates practically everything lately that even looks healthy. Next try will be Bravo Nacho Cheese Dip.  With the addition of her orange puree who knew Nachos with chips could be so healthy! Guess what were having next movie night kiddies NACHOS- YEA!! TEE HEE HEE!!

This book is definatly on my Momma must have list. I think every parent should give this one a try. The Sneaky Chef should work for the Goverment in charge of school lunches imagine how better off those kids would be!

Momma Says: Move over Betty Crocker there is a new book in my kitchen!

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