Finding craft time

So how do some people do it? How do they seem to handle all life has to offer and still find time to do the things that they want for themself? This is the great age old question. I like many others try not to set myself up in this question but, seriously I seem never to have enough hours in the day. I have tons of ideas of things I would like to do but at the end of the day I am like oh man I did not get to do blah blah blah…

I love to be crafty,there are so many things I want to try out especially with the holidays around the corner. I love to quilt, I have started a few that need finishing they are in my closet beckoning me to finish them. I love to scrapbook my family pictures especially since I like to take so many I have allot that have not been printed yet so I am far behind on that. I love to paint watercolor, I was always in love with painting but had no formal skills in it. I took a class taught by a friend at Hobby Lobby and BAM now I have another addiction I need time for. I love to do needle work, I find it calming to sit and keep my hands busy knitting, crocheting, needlepoint and my new one crohook (kinda knit and crochet all in one) also called afghan stitch. Not to mention I like to bake,cook, make jelly, jams and all that.

So after much pondering I think I have found a semi solution for getting my “me time” to be more productive. I actually thought of it a while back and like some things in my brain it got tossed to the side. Well I am glad I remembered it and I plan on sticking to it firmly.
So here it is. Drum Roll please…Rotation of crafts. Simple but this can work. I will commit to doing one craft at any chance I get for a whole month. Squeezing it in at all the breaks life gives or even just making sure that once a week I do it for that month. Then no matter where I am in that craft I will stop to give my other vices a chance to see the light of day.

So since this is a more financially slow month and I cannot get my million of pictures printed off I will put scrap booking off til another month. I will try to make this month finish my quilting projects I have started. Plus I am still waiting on my little ones school pictures and with holidays around the corner there will be many more photo opts for me and so more scrap booking. I have found that carpool is a good time to knit.But I never have really enough time in carpool only a little bit of time there. I know people I can do it in front of the TV too but often enough when I get a chance to sit in front of the TV lately I am on brain drain mode and soon it it lights out for me. So I can see that more during the holidays when kids are off school and we have the fireplace going and ahhh relaxing. Anyways that will wait until then. There will be some nice time off with the kids next month to start little crafts for the holidays and that will be nice for November. So with October already started I need to get it in gear this week and quilt, quilt, quilt..

Well I hope this idea of rotation crafts you love by the month will help you get all the things done. I know it will put a big dent in my crafting list of “To do’s”. Now just to get that xtra hour in the days to do it. LOL… If you have any ideas on how you get your craft on email me.

Momma Says: Try a craft, new one or finish your old one. It is good for the mind and spirit.

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