Merry Christmas Bento

MerrySmallToday is Beans last day of school before Christmas Break.  She is looking forward to passing out her teacher gifts and class treat. So with her doing her thing like Santa himself and passing out presents I made today’s bento Santa inspired.

Merry Christmas bento started with the cute Santa sammi. I used a tree cookie cutter and cut out GF bread,GF and DF cheese and meat. I then used a small flower cutter to cut the face portion out of cheese so the meat can show through. Added nori face detail and added some color on his cheeks.

I placed him in a silicon tree shaped cup and filled in the bottom with some meat flowers. I put broccoli in the open spaces around the “tree” and finished it with a shooting star pasta shape and edible snowflake decoration.

The opposite side I carved Santa’s words into half an apple (then dipped in OJ to keep from turning brown) placed it in a lettuce silicon cup. I then added cucumber tomato grapes and beans around filling up space. On top of it all I added some Christmas pasta shapes and a few more edible snowflakes.

Momma Says: Look outside the box at your cookie cutters and find new ways to use them.

Merry Christmas Bento

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  1. Shirley Wong says:

    yum! such a cute bento!

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