Winter Kitty Bento

WinterKittySmallNow that turkey day has passed and kiddo is back in school (she had the week off) its back to bento here!
Kiddo was hoping and praying for a snow day today. But, her wish did not come true. Just really cold and light smattering of snow. This is what inspired my Winter Kitty Bento.

Today is unlike my usual bentos as it is chocked full of gluten products! I know my bentos are usually gluten free but her new allergist wants her to eat gluten today. To test her intolerance. I don’t want to but OK…Hoping all goes well and I don’t get a call from school today.

But you can easily substitute any product for gluten free. Now down to what I did here.

snowmanSmallI made a kitty sammi out of some coco-banana spread on a flat bread. I added face detail with nori and black food coloring. There is a blue cap and orange glove that are cupcake decorations. Around Kitty is some cauliflower, carrot stars, holiday mix fishy crackers, some meat cubes in a silicon cup with some snowflake pasta and a cute little snowman made of there awesome tiny baby potatoes we found.

For the cute snowman I boiled the mini potatoes then cooled them. I stuck a spaghetti uncooked noodle through them to line up the snowman’s body. added a carrot nose, painted on face detail and buttons with food color and last added a pick hat. Too cute!

Momma Says: I love looking for “mini” versions of food at the market, like the potatoes. They work PERFECT for bento making.

Winter Kitty Bento


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