Do it Yourself Lysol No Touch Soap Refill

no-touch-hand-soap-refills-mdI am a bit frugal about purchasing refill for things if it does not seem cost effective. Case in point my Lysol no touch soap dispenser.  I love that it is no touch and the sensor distributes the amount so there is no overuse. If you have kiddos you know they can use the hand soap! Plus what if I want to choose what kind of soap I want to refill.  Like if you go to Costco or something and get a jug of hand soap that will last you a million years?  The containers for the Lysol soap do not open so you have to purchase there soaps and at anywhere between $3.49 to $3.99 that is not cost effective to me.

So I decided to try and figure out a way to do it without destroying the bottle. Here is what I did.

You will need a bottle with a spout (think hair color bottle you can purchase one or recycle one out like I did)

Next you will need to remove container /dispenser from base and  bore a hole in the top of the old Lysol soap container ( I carefully twisted a knife worked great)

Fill the clean hair color bottle with soap of your choice ( I thin it a bit with water some soaps are THICK)

Place cap on bottle and place into the hole you made on the container and squeeze the soap into it!

I do not put a cap or cork in the hole I just leave it there and I do not have an issue with evaporation but if you want go for it.

Place newly refilled container back on base, turn it back on and your DONE!

Check out my video that kiddo filmed of me doing the refill (remember this is my kiddo filming so don’t criticize the quality DUH)

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