Flower Power Bento

FlowerPowerSmallWhile feeling uninspired this morning I decided to find something to spark creativity in my cookie cutters. I found a cool flower shape and inspiration was set.

I used the flower cookie cutter to cut some ham I then was frying it in a pan and thought I will add some egg. Kiddo loves breakfast anytime of the day so why not.  I had already put some rice in the bottom of the container and just used the container as a template and cut the omelet out with a knife.  I placed the cuttings into the rice and then laid the omelet on top.  I put  a cheese (GF, DF) on top with some nori for face detail on top.

Then it was just filling up the space with her favorite fruits and veggies.

I used a different flower cutter to cut out the huge carrots and added pea pods for the “leaves”, I added a apple slice cut into a apple shape tucked some grapes along the side and put a slice of corn on the cob from last nights dinner in the corner.  I didn’t like so much yellow of the corn since a large portion was already yellow so I placed a pink silicon flower on top of it.

Love that this bento is gluten free and dairy free color is all natural thanks to Mother Nature.

Momma Says: Cookie cutters are a must have and also useful for helping to inspire. So get collecting those cutters!


Flower Power Bento Lunch

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2 Responses
  1. Jackie says:

    Gorgeous lunch!

  2. Keitha says:

    Yum! What a great idea! I use cookie cutters on ham all the timer sandwiches. But I have never thought about cutting ham in cute shapes before frying it. My son will love it.

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