Fall Bento Lunch

FallBentoSmallToday is crisp Fall day and though I love living here in the forest we only have Pine trees so I don’t get the fall colors in the trees. Plus it is a short window here in Colorado to see the Aspen tree changes and I missed it this year :(   .  So I might have to go search for some colorful trees to do our family photo I like to shoot, I may have no luck this year sigh…  So with Fall colors in mind I made this cute bento to celebrate the leaves.

I made this easy by making it a breakfast type of bento lunch. I made mini pancakes and with the addition of 3 fall leaves and a small bottle of syrup (oh yea the good kind).  I placed them all in a silicon cup.  Behind that I have some cut up grapes with a squirrel decoration, next to that I have a mini orange with a pick on top and some kiwi fruit.  Below is an omelet with some cheese (dairy free) and sausage. I put this cute scarecrow pick on top and placed them all in a silicon cup.

I made this simple easy cute bento by just adding picks! The biggest job was frying the egg or maybe flipping the mini pancakes.

Momma Says: No spring nor summer’s beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face….
~John Donne

Fall Bento Lunch

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