Cute Monkey Bento

cutemonkeySmallYesterday I had gotten inspiration from the bento I made using Cute z cute  Animal Palz mini cutters. I had made a little monkey sammi which I thought was so cute and it made me think how I used to call my kiddo monkey as a pet name for her when she was little. So Inspiration yesterday for today’s Cute Monkey Bento!

I started this bento lunch with the same monkey sammi press I used yesterday from Cute z cute Animal Palz.  I put the little cute mini monkey in the back and thought how monkeys hide in the jungle so he will be hiding in the back . I surrounded him with some raspberries, champagne grapes, slice of mango, a few carrot flowers and pineapple, some green and purple grapes. I also tucked in some lettuce in the edges. I then finished off the “jungle” by putting some monkey picks about.

For the focal point I made a cheese sammi out of GF DF cheeses. She is sitting in a paper cup.  I added nori for face details, a bit of color on the cheeks and a butterfly carrot on her head. I have some mini orange tucked on the side and also some pea pods.

All the cute picks and cutters and fun stuff used you can purchase at

Momma Says: You can’t go wrong with a few great cutters!


Cute Monkey Bento

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