Cute and Quick Bento

cuteandquickSmallI woke up today to a cool and crisp morning. The mountain air had just the right amount of chill in it to make me want to snuggle a few extra minutes in my bed. Well to pay for this I had to do a cute and quick bento lunch. No big fussiness this morning. I curse you soft bed and warm quilt!

It is not a total loss of course, there is nothing wrong with quick lunch making. What helps is if you have the right tools!  One of my stand by tools I love to use is my cute z cute food cutters. I have used them so many times to make cute sammis and that is just the beginning creativity is endless with these great tools.  Well to add to the fun there are new cutters from cute z cute,  ANIMAL PALZ ! The bonus with these are it can be used with eggs now!

Check it out at

I just had to try them out since I love the original cute z cute cutters. I was not disappointed they worked so well and the print was clear on the sammi and SO CUTE! I love the panda and the monkey. (I used to call my kiddo monkey so now I will have to do a monkey bento ooh inspiration from cute z cute again!!!!)

blahMy cute and quick bento lunch of course started with the sammis that I pressed with the cute z cute cutters, I smeared a little plum butter inside Mmmmm. OK sorry I love the stuff.  Next to the cute little sammis I have a bear shaped silicon cup with some mixed fruit, you can see the grapes and raspberries but underneath is some pineapple and mango. I finished them with some cute little music note picks.

Above that is a small heart cup with some leftover broiled red potatoes and a little cute frog baran tucked in back with some pea pods. Champagne grapes, heart tomato held together with a pick, cucumber slices and carrot slices cut into leaves are all aligned in back with another cute little face of a puppy on the baran. I also tucked in a small sausage with a bunny cheese wrap.

Momma Says: Thanks to the cute z cute cutter and loads of fresh fruit and veg this simple bento is cute and healthy. Love it especially since Halloween last week!


My frosty morning…. Just enough snow in the woods to make a quilt seem like Heaven.




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  1. JJ says:

    Loooooooooove it!!

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