Best Pumpkin Seed Recipe

Ok it took much trial and error to fineally hear from someone to try boiling the seeds first, DUH why did I never think of that before?

So with the addition of boiling my pumkin seeds are now so much more yummy.  I like to experiment with flavors. Try pumpkin pie spice or just plain sugar and cinnamon for a yummy sweet treat, even try boiling with some lime juice and when baking add chili powder for a spicy seed!  The possibilities are endless.

Below is my tried and true method for Best Pumpkin Seeds EVER!  Enjoy!!

Pumpkin carved with seeds removed and washed (use colonder watch out these seeds are slippery little stinkers)

1 TBl. Salt

1 TBl Olive Oil

2 c Water (add lime juice  if using chili spice)

1 tsp to 1TBl. Spices to your liking

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

in small sauce pan add 2 C water for every 1/2 cup seeds add 1 Tbl salt  (more salt if you like it seeds saltier) and boil

Simmer seeds for 10 minutes


Toss 1 TBL Olive oil  and seeds put in roasting pan, in a pinch I have used Pam spray

sprinkle with spice if desired (no need to add any extra salt)

Spread out seeds and bake on top rack

10- 20 minutes

let cool and eat

Momma Says: Turn Jack’s slimy guts into salty, crunchy ooohh so yummy snack.

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