Bento Body Parts Lunch

labLast Halloween I made a similar bento and kiddo and her school friends loved the gross idea. Even though the bento itself was not too gross it was just the reading of what I thought the items were out loud made it seem even more creepy than it actually was.

For this Bento body parts lunch I used some mini hot dogs in a biscuit with some ketchup as blood,  apple smile with gummy teeth and a Frankenstein food decoration, mashed potato brains with pink food spray and web food decoration, egg eyeball with gummy iris, spider food decoration on top of a magic scroll that is a vegetable spring roll.  I put some of the food in silicon cup liners.

The lunch is basically GF except for the spring rolls. I guess you can make your own or find gf ones sadly I could not find any. I believe the wrapper to have regular flour but I am not positive. So that is why I guess they do have gluten in them :(

One of the best parts is the index card with a list of the creepy ingredients.

Momma Says : Wish I may, wish I might have the pleasure of giving you fright… Happy Halloween


Bento Body parts lunch


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