Frankenweenie Bento Lunch

frankenweeniesmall2One thing me and kiddo like to do is watch fun family movies and Halloween family movies is just perfect now (though we do watch all year long too). My hubby is a horror movie buff but I don’t care for slasher films. So what happens is he winds up watching the scary ones with my older daughter and I watch all the fun ones with kiddo its a nice agreement.

We love the movie Frankenweenie! So I thought I would make her a Frankenweenie bento lunch today.

For this Halloween fun kid lunch I painted on some GF DF cheese with black food color gel.  I like to use gel because you can add water to make thick, thin or dry brush paint.

The Frankenweenie cheese is on top of GF bread that has some roast beef inside, there is a orange cup above with a meat flower, some cherry tomatoes, lettuce silicon cup with a mummy hamster (from the movie) he is made of a GF chicken nugget and some GF DF cheese, below that in another lettuce silicon cup is some champagne grapes with a gummy spider on top.

The cool silicon cups I purchased at all things for sale. They have a great supply of  bento gear so check them out!

Momma Says: They are only little for a short while so why not make a memory. When I am gone she will have stories of her favorite lunches that were specially made for her when she was a kid. Isn’t this what life is about?


Frankenweenie Bento Lunch

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  1. Sarah says:

    Absolutely love this lunch!

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