Creepy Bento

creepy1smallAnother creepy bento for Halloween. I found some cool stuff at Cost Plus World Market and was suckered in by the Halloween kiddo inside me. Funny how when I shop I stop the think “can I use this in a bento”?  I bought the cute skull and crossbones drink swizzle stick there along with some Halloween shaped pasta (not GF ) and the gummy eyeballs.

To make my Creepy Bento lunch I first took the skull and crossbones swizzle stick and skewered the hot dog and then spiral cut it before sticking it into hot water for a minute. Behind that is a mini potato pancake from last nights dinner with a nori bat on it ( attached with non dairy GF cream cheese), some champagne grapes (hidden under hot dog) , a strawberry with a “BOO” pick in it, black berries, piece of GF bread with a skull cut out,  piece of fruit (cannot remember name, from Asian market) in an orange cup with a spider pasta sitting nearby.  Opposite corner is a boiled egg with a gummy eye inside a cup and last some baby heirloom tomatoes.

With the exception of the one spider pasta noodle this is a fun GF, DF lunch.  You will have to excuse the lighting as here in Colorado I have very dark mornings (now with snow AARRGH).  So my usual shoot by the window for lighting is not going to work :(

Momma Says: With so many seasonal fun things that are out now, why not scoop them up (especially during clearance after holiday sales) from candies to cookie cutters,  pastas and cupcake toppers I am sure something will spark creative lunch ideas.

Creepy Bento


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