Cute Spooky Kitty Bento

SpookySmallthis cute spooky kitty bento got inspiration because of the purple potato that I didn’t have any inspiration for.  My kiddo loves foods that are different than expected, thus the love of the purple potato.  When we were at the market she wanted some and I thought cool they will make fun bento lunches.  But I woke up uninspired and tired. I had cooked the potato the night before and put into the fridge so that was ready, but for what?  I sliced it ant thought it has shading through it and made me think of the night sky.

So my night sky is the purple potato wedge with some GF DF cheese cutouts of a moon and stars. there are some grilled bean behind it with some leaf silicon separators, all in a silicon cup. Next to that is a little cup with some TINY brussel sprouts ( also found at market and had to get as she squealed how cute they were) the sprouts are also leftovers from last nights dinner. tucked in the middle is a half a tomato. Below in a silicon cut is a kitty sammi with GF DF bread, meat and cheese.  Kitty’s  face is made of nori and a cute little bow pick. Next to kitty is a spooky guy made of a mini pear (Yes another very small version of the real thing bought for the cute factor) on the pear I have gummy vampire teeth and some cupcake pick googly eyes.


Momma Says: I find a lot of “cute: foods at Whole Foods or Sprouts Market.  They seem to have more fun stuff like gem colored carrots and potatoes. I find cool heirloom tomatoes that I would not find in chain supermarkets and the fruits, there are all ways something fun to be found. I like to hunt for little versions of the normal mass produced and I can always find something that fits perfectly in bento lunches. So walk away from the big chain and check out little markets or organic food stores you never know what you may find.

cute spooky kitty bento

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  1. Sarah says:

    Super cute!!

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