Celebi Pokemon Bento

CelebiSMALL Celebi is a Pokemon that is one of my kiddos favs. Shout out to Aunt Isa and Uncle Matt for sending her one last year for Christmas cause she LOVES Celebi cause it is one of the “girly” Pokemon (sadly not many girls in her class have a love of Pokemon so she likes to show them it is not just a boy thing and they have cute Pokemon too).  So when I asked her what Pokemon would she like in her lunch she said Celebi.

I knew I was going to use some leftover homemade fried rice for her bento lunch today so I decided to make a cheese painting on top (you can paint on GF DF cheese).  I like to use gel type of food coloring to do this cause you can make paint as thin or thick, saturated or deleted as needed.

My cheese art is on top of the rice and I added a bit of cut carrot flowers around her for color, there is some fruit in each corner in a silicon cup (strawberry and grapes) then a meat flower with flower picks and a grass baran sheet in the opposite corner.

This took me about 10 min to make due to the painting of Celebi and I am not a fast painter but in all an easy bento really.

After school she was so excited to tell me how she loved her cute bento lunch.  Yeah another point on the Momma meter from kiddo LOL…

Momma Says: Cheese painting is fun and for you artsy Mommas out there just one more creative outlet. Plus your kiddo will LOVE the art in there lunch! So turn their fav book, movie even their fav Pokemon to a cheese painting.

Celebi Pokemon Bento


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4 Responses
  1. Jackie says:

    What a cute lunch! Awesome painting!

  2. Mamabelly says:

    Wow, the bento looks amazing! I have no cheese drawing skills whatsoever and I am amazed! Pinned!

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