Product Review: Leap Pad learning system

I like a toy that actually makes learning not seem like school. I do not know one little kid who wants to come home from school, on vacation, sitting around on the weekend that wants to be in school instead of playing. There are alot of games out there that make it feel like a chore for kids. This in turn makes it a battle and the whole idea of getting some learning in is out the window. You don’t want to start that cycle where learning is not fun. With that is mind I want to say a big Yea to Leap Pad. The leap pad is totally versatile, using batteries (so stock up cause they will play this one) and uses special books designed with hot spots that activate a whole new learning tools. With an attached pen they use to go over words and activate the hot spots. The book comes alive with narriation and sounds that will engage them to play and interract with the books. Reading is not the only thing that will be done. Books have your little one learning Rhyming, science, music, math, geography and even foreign language. A bonus for mom if you want them to sit and have quiet time is that it comes with a head phone jack. Because if your kid is like mine they like to play things over and over. Seriously I know my little one likes the Wiggles but, I can only hear it so many times. Her on the other hand can listen over and over and over. So smart thinking on Leap pad for that addition!  There is alot of different levels of books you can purchase for kids of different ages and interests and skills. From My First Leap Pad to using Quantum Leap Pad that has books up to 6th grade there is a lot of diversity for kids of many ages.

The whole system started in my house with the My first Leap Pad. I like it is small and my daughter could tote it around in a backpack anywhere. Great for car rides and even when you need to shop and they can sit in a cart and keep busy and you can focus on what you needed  at the store to make dinner tonight. They do keep current with kids interests in games to play. Like Disney Princess, Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob and Winnie the Pooh just to name a few. They tell stories of course but if you have them actually do the mini games within the stories they can get alot of education inside this book. This toy, I say loosely cause it is some real learning going on. It is a momma says must have for any preschooler to use. 

Next we graduated into the larger Leap Pad.  She liked it even better because you can buy books that come with microphones that have your little one talk when prompted and it will record your child’s voice. My daughter absolutely LOVED that. One of her Favorites was The amazing Big Top Letter Circus, it has 30 different times your child can use the microphone to record his/her voice .  My daughter is also a total Dino-girl, the game Leap and The Lost Dinosaur is a definite fave for any young paleontologist. I liked that you can start some serious phonic work now they have great games to cover it all even phonic blends. One of my favorites is the Disneys Monster Inc. books. I just love the movie and the learning book of it is just as fun.

Our next purchase will be the Quantum series of books they seem geared for 8 yr old and up. If the previous is any indication of how much fun my daughter will have while using. I know it will be a big hit also.

 Big tip if your on a budget go look online like craigslist you can score a used leap pad and books for a great deal!

Momma Says: Love the Leap Pad, fineally learning can be fun.  A Momma must have for the kiddo’s!

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