Cute and Easy Bear Bento

cuteEasyCute and easy bear bento was inspired by my need for cuteness of course and some speedy bento making since I have been having issues in the morning lately.

I love how this turned out with the cute bear for lunch and so healthy is the bonus. All this food could have easily been leftovers from the night before if you needed. I however was quick to put it together because I prepped the corn from previous meal and froze sections of corn and put in baggie in the freeze so a quick pop into microwave in a cup of water with the sausage and 30 seconds later defrosted!

That is the key if you want a quick bento in the morning to make, have stuff ready to go. In the fridge you can have things like cucumber and carrots pre-cut and in a baggie. You can even cut mini sausages and prep them just bag them up and cook in a cup of hot water in the microwave prior to use. You can even prep nori for face detail and have it in the cupboard ready to use.The best is just use as much fresh fruit and veg as you can that will add the eye popping color.

The only cooking I did was quick couple of minutes in the  oven (toaster oven would be better) to cook the chicken nuggets (GF). Next to that is some rainbow carrot sticks and a piece of cucumber, a sausage half with a flower cut into it with a cutter, piece of corn on the cob, some champagne grapes, cherry tomato wrapped in thin slice of cucumber with a heart pick and behind that is a small blue bottle with some GF soy sauce.

The bear was easily made with a silicon cup in the shape of a bear and Annie Chun’s quick sticky rice which I love.  I added some detail to the bear with some sausage in the ear, GF & DF cheese, nori for mouth and eyes then topped her off with a cute pick that looks like a bow.

MommaSays: Easy prep tip is if you are cooking a fav dinner or lunch make a bit extra and divide it up into bento sized portions and freeze. Then the night before use defrost in fridge or reheat prior to making bento. This works great especially if you freeze in cute silicon cups (check out for cute stuff). I do this all the time.

Cute and Easy Bear Bento




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  1. Rebecca says:

    Absolutely adorable!

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