Birthday Bento

BirthdayBento Saturday is kiddos birthday.  My baby turns 11 (insert huge SIGH).  She is getting a birthday bento early at school because today they are celebrating it. She gets it a bit early because for one  the real day is Saturday and secondly there is no school this Friday because of testing.

I know before you start to think oh there are marshmallows in this, not healthy!  I just want to say that I hardly ever put sweets in her bento lunches. This of course is a special Birthday Bento, so rules are no longer applying.  Anything in moderation is fine, lets not be a scrooge!

This  bento has one of kiddos favorite things and no it is not the marshmallows but I am sure that will be close LOL.  I made her a rice ball, well rice star.  I of course used my favorite sticky rice by Annie Chuns. I added a bit of colored water, just a few drops mixed it in to make the rice pink.  Once again I know food coloring is usually a no no but Birthday …   I added some pieces of cut veggies to decorate the top and then put a “11” on top made out of dairy free, gluten free cheese (   ). Behind the star is a red star pick, then some nice black berries in a cup, jewel carrots with a Happy Birthday pick and baran lea.  Strawberry cut into a heart, with a pick birthday hat on top, behind that a orange slice and another leaf baran.  A mini sausage with a flower cut into it and some cucumber “fries” tucked all around. Then of course the cute mini marshmallows that are shaped like a cupcake and ice cream.

I think this bento for sure has just about every color in the rainbow today. Kiddo will surly love it.

Momma Says : Beautiful Quote –
May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true!
~Irish Blessing

Birthday Bento

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