Cute Bento

cuteBento I found some GF chicken nuggets by Tyson at the store. I could not believe it, TYSON! I am glad to see more recognized labels going GF! So I had to buy them for kiddos lunch. Score for kiddo, because it is just another way to make lunches from home that are GF and DF compare (or should I say rock way more) than the food served in the cafeteria at school. WOO HOO

So the cute bento for lunch was easy and fast to put together today and I woke up late.  So chicken nuggets to the rescue!  I just put them in a silicon cup above them are some blueberries with a few cute baran decorations, next is orange slices with a bee pick, cucumber slice with flower picks and a silicon baran leaf behind it, below is a strawberry with a leaf pick on top of some “witches fingers” grapes (that is the name SERIOUSLY hoping they will be around for Halloween) there is a butterfly decoration on top, along side is the jewel colored carrots, piece of broccoli, and corn with a lady bug baran on top and a silicon baran leaf tucked behind.

I am happy to say I am adding the Tyson Gluten Free chicken nuggets to my “Favorite Finds”.  Kiddo loves them!

Momma Says: cute bentos can be made in minutes with some healthy fruits and veg for color and some easy decorations to add fun. Try it out beware it is addicting!

Cute Bento



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  1. Love this lunch! Looks beautiful!

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