Cute Pikachu Girl Bento

PikaGirl1 Cute Pikachu Girl Bento is the second I believe at my attempt at making my daughter into a rice ball, LOL!  She gets a kick out of “eating her head”.  I have seen many bento artists make heads before but, this is my Pikachu Girl and I tried. My kiddo got a peek at it when she snuck into the kitchen this morning to get her breakfast. OHHH MY, she said then WHOA that is so awesome. Well job well done I guess.  I don’t always do such an elaborate bento yes the cutting and making of the rice ball alone took 10-15 min because I was not that fast, but everything else was simple.  I added a lion face to the corn I know it has nothing to do with Pika but my kiddo is an animal lover and this bento is her with her favorite Pika hat she wore the first day of school.

To make this Cute Pikachu Girl Bento I started with a rice ball. I used Annie Chuns quick sticky rice (as usual) then used a egg sheet with some details painted on with food coloring, DF & GF cheese for hair and nori for face detail. I placed a flower pick in her long hair and put her in a silicon cup to keep her in place. I added some lettuce here and there, sausage cut with a heart, multi colored carrots, cherry tomato with a Pikachu flag pick, grapes, wedge of corn with lion face made of DF& GF cheese and nori face detail, cucumber, strawberry, green bean, Italian plum with music pick, remaining egg sheet rolled up, sausage heart and another green bean.   SO colorful  and her gasps assured me that she will enjoy eating all the fun.

Momma Says: Rice balls do not need to be so scary to make.  Especially if you use the instant microwave sticky rice by Annie Chuns. I min in microwave and add a smile it can be that easy or elaborate.  The creativity is up to you!


My Cute Pikachu Girl










Cute Pickachu Girl Bento


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