Fun Animal Bento

animalBThis fun animal bento was made because my kiddo on vacation visiting family out of state brought me  back some animal picks. Oh she knows me so well for a gift LOL!

Fun animal bento took only minutes to get together this morning. See you dont have to spend hours for a fun meal.

Everything was simple just put together with a few additions of picks and silicon dividers oh and one cupcake topper.

I started by putting some leftover beef teriyaki and veg leftovers that she loved from dinner the night before (all fresh veg from farmers market YUM). I put it in a large silicon cupcake cup. I added the cupcake topper of an animal footprint and a little lion pick. Below that I used a silicon grass divider baran and some corn, rainbow carrots, meat flower with a cherry tomato in the center.

Best of all this bento is GF and DF and packed full of fun.

Momma Says: go to local markets and pick up fresh colorful fruits and veg to make healthy brightly colored lunches!


Fun animal bento

Opposite side are some purple grapes and a tiny Italian plum in a pink silicon cup with pink bear pick, silicon grass baran, panda baran and a tiny flower marshmallow/

Under that I have some sliced kiwi with a strawberry in the middle and a froggy pick and baran along with a small grass baran for the frog to peek through.



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  1. Sarah says:

    So cute. Love the box they are packed in, too.

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