Tepig Bento

My beautiful pictureWell I am finally posting after nothing all summer. The fire here in Black Forest consumed alot of my time and then some people decided to steal from our home during the evacuation, so I got my expensive camera stolen, along with smart phone. That is why I have been unable to take pictures. I have a really bad cheap camera until I can save for a new one so excuse my photo I KNOW IT IS A BAD PHOTO, no need to get down on me….

So school started for Kiddo so I had to make her bentos!  She wanted a cool one.  So OK then I said and Tepig Bento was made.  I love to make her special bento lunches it is a hobby and gets my mind off of alot of crap and a moment I can be creative in my hobby and my kiddo feels special. SO haters go hate somewhere else. This is what I do…

Tepig Bento is made with GF bread and Go Veggie cheese, turkey , salami and nori for face detail.  I made a poke ball using Annie Chuns brand sticky rice, a half of tomato, nori and a bit of turkey. Below that is some sausages cut in to a kind of mock poke ball. I included some sesame chicken left overs, broccoli, corn, grapes and a few green beans from my garden. I put the rice pokeball in a silicon cup added a Pokemon baran separator between Tepig sandwich and food also added a Tepig pick.

Kiddo helped me hold a white board to help take my picture ( needed all the help we could get with this cheap camera sigh) so she got a peek at today’s bento lunch and could barley contain her excitement. Tepig is her new ultimate favorite Pokemon lately.

Momma Says: Bento lunch is about good food and fun for the kiddos to  make healthy lunches appealing. It seriously does not take much time at all especially if you have leftovers and some fruit and veg cut up in the fridge. I Love the following products to help quickly make cute bentos.


imagesVBest cheese ever and even my hubby does not know when I put it on his sammis LOL! such a great alternative to regular cheese and if your lucky you can try the other flavors like Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Mozzarella and Provolone plus it it GF and lactose free! If you have not tried the cream cheese yet your missing out!







annie This is the best at fast sticky rice just pop in the microwave and done! I have used both brown and white rice from her and Kiddo loves them both. It is quick to make and easy to use to make cute additions to you bento lunches! 1 minute and you have it hot and ready to use LOVE this stuff!









Tepig Bento

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