Game Review: Learn Geography- Nintendo DS

Well my 7 yr old daughter got some “learning games” for her Nintendo DS. Since she spends so much time playing regular games thought it would be nice to have her doing some that will educate her in the process. Online was ordered a bunch of learning games. One of which was Learn Geography supposedly for second grade and up.  Thought I would give my second grader a try on it.

 Well it does have a few nice games on it but, I was really hoping it to be slightly more “kid friendly”Graphics are boring considering what kids play nowadays. It has a kinda lame pencil to host game and he shows you through it. Only if you can read what he is saying. Another problem is if your in second grade you are a beginner in reading and it expects you too. I think it will be a little hard and frustrating for any beginner. Too bad it did not have even an option to make games either easier or harder. There is absolutely no voice prompts, so on sections like “new Word order” where it shows a picture with scrambled letters kinda scrabble-like underneath, If you don’tknow what your looking at  it is a put off. Problem the average 7 or 8 yr old second grader does not know what the Taj Mahal looks like so if  it shows a picture and expects you to spell it without a voice prompt how are they susposta know what the picture is?  It is timed so the stress of “Momma, what is this picture” made her not want to continue. There are other games like city search, where you touch a map where you are guessing the city is that is says. Like I said no voice prompt so kinds hard for them.  After about two tries she gave up.  I would say this is more for fourth grader and up maybe a smart third grader.  We will try it again next year. Til then its in the drawer.  On the other hand I enjoyed the brush up on cities and as such been a long time for me sitting in class, I could find it somewhat fun. Definitely not for young learners. Older kids would find it more interesting but I think the boring graphics would make a older kid or teen think it is not cool.

Momma Says: Try to keep awake in school durring Geography is hard, this is no different…

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