Kitty & Doggie Bento

I wanted to make an elaborate bento this morning but there was just too much going on. Even the picture I took was rushed. I am really considering doing my bentos the night before as I just seem so be falling behind in the past few mornings. I still think this quick Kitty and Doggie Bento turned out cute though.

Kitty & Doggie Bento is just a quick BLT sandwich with a kitty and doggie baran sheet placed on top. I have a silicon grass baran in the middle with some purple grapes on a star pick also. Below is a half an apple cherry tomatoes (put together as a heart but you cannot see it) carrot stick flower and some green beans. I put a kitty and doggie food pick in the bottom also.

Oh well I am sure kiddo will still like the kitty and doggie part of this, oh and bacon in her sandwich I can never go wrong when I add bacon to kiddos food!

Momma Says: Even simplest additions make for a sweet lunch.

Kitty & Doggie Bento


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