Product Review: FromYouFlowers.Com = no thanks

Mother’s Day I like so many people went online to order flowers to my Mom who lives far away. I was fooled by the pictures and web site of  I wish I had seen a real review of the company. Next time I will use a more trusted company like I have in the past. I don’t even want to say how much I paid with shipping and taxes as it is a utter embarrassment.

I was very dissatisfied when I saw the pictures of what was sent. When I contacted the company their response :
The disclaimer states that, in the event of a substitution, it will be of an equal or greater value the original request product at the time of your purchase. As a result, colors and/or types of materials used to fill your order may vary, but will reflect the same quality and value of what was selected.

Uh…OK…But this is what they call equal or greater value, even when I emailed them pictures…. But gee whiz kiddos we get a gift certificate for 15 bucks towards next purchase! As if…. If I sound upset I am, I am seriously disappointed. I guess it is true there are no guarantees in life or at so don’t believe what you read. Oh after calling to ask to return and get something close to what I ordered they just said all they can do is now give me 20 in gift certificate. LOL, not even in a refund….



By looking at these pictures I am sure you see the equal or greater value? If you do can you point it out to me. I would appreciate it!

Momma says: You don’t get what you pay for and there is no guarantee even if they say there is on the web site!

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