GF Mini Pot Pie

Spring here is cold one day and warm the next as you know from my previous posts. Today was rainy and cold (thank goodness it didn’t turn to snow) and it is days like these where I want to make some comfort food. I wanted something warm and yummy to bake up and one of my families favorite foods is chicken pot pies.  With kiddo on her GF diet I decided that she definitely should not miss out on all the yum, so I wanted to make her own special little GF pies.

I used Bisquick GF for the crust. I LOVE Bisquick and the fact that they make GF is great.  It is the go to for me in my kitchen when I get an idea for things to make for kiddo and need to adapt it for her. I made the crusts for her pot pie by using the biscuit recipe on the box just making it a bit more dryer by adding a bit more mix as needed until I got a “dough” texture that I could roll out. Once I did make the dough I wrapped it in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for about an hour like I would pie crust dough. Though I was able to easily roll it out and cut circles it did crack a bit up when I folded it to put into liners and I had to piece it a little in the silicon cup cake liners, but that was no big deal.

After you put bottom crust into silicon mold you fill with the chicken Mix (Recipe Below)I used liners like this butterfly because of the edge that I could pick up out of the cake pan, I could use without pan but it held all the pies nice and in place.  I highly RECOMMEND!

I also used liners without the big edges (normal kind of cup cake liners,silicon) and if you don’t use some parchment strips under liner as tabs you will have a hard time pulling the pot pies out with out messing up the top crust. I thought of this AFTER..I had to use tweezers to grab the liner edge. :P


Roll out dough and cut circles and use a cookie cutter to cut a pretty hole for a vent or just cut a slit with a knife.

After you fill the little pies, moisten edges with egg wash and attach tops. I then crimped the edges slightly with a fork.

I took the egg wash and bushed the tops, then sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper.

I noticed I put my crust on upside down because butterfly cake liner is the opposite, WHOOPS..



After about 15 min I made foil crowns to cover the crusts edge so they would not brown too much.

Simply take a square about the size of pie and fold in half and cut a circle out.

I left it on the rest of the time it baked in the oven and worked like a charm.





I let them cool in the tray for about 10  min before my kiddo was ready to dig in! The crust was yummy and just the right size for kiddo to enjoy.

She ate one all nice out of the pretty butterfly silicon cup, the next one (yes she wanted seconds) I flipped it upside down on a plate so she could dig in that way.  That is the way I like it all mashed up and a big mix of yummy goodness. The filling was hearty and meaty and exactly what comfort food I was trying to achieve!

I originally was making soup but then used it the next day for pot pies sure glad I did!

I also used Orrington Farms Turkey Gravy mix as my thickener, it is GF and 100%  Natural. I LOVE this product. As a thickener it adds great flavor!


Below Recipe:  you can either use crock pot or if you want just make in stock pot on stove to speed it up.

Pot Pie Filling * (I made in crock pot previously all day= super-flavor! )

1 whole chicken parted up

chicken broth (I used better than bullion brand)

1 onion diced

2 stalks celery diced

2 carrots diced

1 clove garlic minced

(I used nicer dicer to chop veg all the same size- LOVE IT)

2 bay leaves

1 tsp thyme

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 fresh cracked pepper

bag of frozen organic veg mix

2 1/2 tsp Orrington Farms French Onion soup mix+ 1/4 c milk (DF)

aprox 1/4 c+ Orrington Farms Turkey gravy mix (as thickener)

1. place chicken in crock pot, add about 5C water and 5 tsp better than broth bouillon. Set to low and cover

2. in a pan with a little olive oil add diced onion, celery and carrots cook until soften.

3. add minced garlic and cook for 30 seconds.

4. add softened veg to crock pot, also add the rest of the spices and bay leaves

Cook on low all day until chicken falls apart and you can smell the soup

5. Remove chicken, discard bones and skin.  Shred chicken with a fork

6. put chicken back into pot, add some frozen organic veg mix as you like

(I then stored in fridge til next day)

(picture to right is of pot pie made with reg. crust)

7. Remove bay leaf and add  Orrington Farm French Onion soup (GF) mix to broth

8. add thickener (I used powder turkey gravy GF by Orrington Farms  )

9 place mix into pie crusts, top with another crust, add vent hole

10. Brush top of pie with egg wash (1 egg + a little water) sprinkle with salt and pepper lightly

11. Bake 425 for 10 min, cover edges with foil when you see browning, cook additional 10 min until bubbly and top is golden

For regular large pot pie same as above just after first 10-15 min and foil, cook another 15 until bubbly and top is golden

I was able to make 4 mini and 2 larger pies






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  1. Jenn says:

    How very adorable!! And tasty :D

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