Pretty Bento

We have had some nice “Spring-y” weather trying to show itself here, yesterday was so sunny and then today rain. I should be happy it is not snow, LOL.. My kiddo and I have started getting the yard ready for spring by starting our garden plants in the hot house and then raking up all the pine needles here in the woods. She is a great helper and we are loving the nice weather and look forward to the pretty flowers and our garden. This is what inspired my bento today.

Not wanting to waste the yummy dinner I made and she liked too, I used left overs in the bento. She likes colored potatos and I made Kapusta (Polish saurkraut with potato and sausage all cooked up in a pot)  last night with these colorful finger potatos. I placed 3 potatos and put a flower pick in each to add more color. Next to that I had placed the polish sausage and placed some bright colored veg around it and then a flower decoration on top since sausage pieces are not that colorful.

Bonus is that by using so much fruit and veg and a simple protien this bento is GF and dairy free! Such a healthy and fun lunch.

In the opposite side I made a colorful fruit salad with a butterfly decoration on top. I love the bright colors and it definatily will make it more appatizing since it is nice and bright and the butterfly and flower decorations is just so cute and pretty kiddo should enjoy it.

Momma Says: Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes. ~Author Unknown

My Quick Kapusta Recipe

1 large jar of good saurkraut

small head of  cabbage sliced thin (need about full hands full or half a large head)

*have made in a pinch without cabbage head, but better with it*

1 package of onion soup

2 heaping tsp ” better than beef broth ” mixed into 1 1/2 C water

2 bay leaves

1 tsp Thyme

1/2 tsp minced garlic

1/2 TBL paprika

celery salt sprinkle on top ( aprox 1/2 tsp)

pepper to taste (aprox 1/4 tsp)

small red potatoes (or rainbow thin skin mix)

polish sausage

Open jar of saurkraut and squeeze out juice, fill jar with water then squeeze it out again. Put saurkraut, sliced onion and cabbage into pot and mix in the rest of ingredients and pour over cabbage mix, push potatos into bottom into cabbage mix. Put sausage on top and push into mix.

There should be enough broth that it cooks everything. Cover pot and cook to boil then simmer until cabbage is soft and potato is cooked. It will darken in color. Majority of broth will be cooked down. ( When cooking keep an eye on it that there is still some broth in bottom of pot so not to burn add more as needed)- smacznego

Pretty Bento

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  1. Jenn says:

    So pretty and springy!

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