Cute Panda Bento Lunch

With dreaming of all things Asian lately and my daughters delight in thinking of how we will travel when she is older to the different cultures of Japan and China I made this cute panda bento lunch for her today.  Kiddo and I ate at a new Chinese restaurant and while she was having her War Wonton soup she didn’t know that she was eating bamboo shoots. When I told her she is and must be like a panda we had a good laugh.  So Cute Panda Bento Lunch today!

The bonus with this lunch was that I basically just used the yummy leftovers! Gotta love it when leftovers make a fun bento lunch for kiddos! I used the sesame chicken and added some veg like broccoli,  cauliflower, cherry tomato, green beans and carrot cut into little flowers. I added a cute panda food pick also.  the top I have some of the rice with a little bottle of GF soy sauce, separated by a pink flower baran is some colorful fruits. I used kiwi, strawberry and blackberry. Tucked in side hiding are some cute Panda baran.

This bento took me no time at all basically leftovers and fruits with veg. It took maybe a minute to cut out the carrot flowers.

You can purchase all these wonderful little panda things I used at All things for sale, that is were I go for my cute bento shopping.

Momma Says:   I saw this quote and thought it was good one.


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