Product review:Pantine Pro-V Detangling light conditioning spray

First off I would like to say I usually dont like to use non professional hair products.  But sometimes money is tight, I get it. The good stuff can cost you an arm and a leg. So I got a bottle of the Pantene Pro-v detangling light conditioning spray. this is a leave in spray conditoner actually does what it says! Instantly detangles for real!  I have used many“kid friendly” brands who bottled are sold with kids in mind from packaging to smells of green apples and none worked as good as the Pantene Pro-V spray! 

My daughter is very tender headed and morning hair brushing is a  chore for the both of us. I have in the past tried brushing before bed putting it in braids, pony tails, even night caps and then once resorted to cutting her hair short to avoid the “rats nest” that she somehow develops in the middle of the night while doing her slumber calastetics. She is just one of those people that her hair just tangles. So it makes for a fun morning getting ready for school.  Like I stated before I have tried many different brands for our morning torture session. Some work fairly well where others like Breck brand is a total waste of money. Pantene’s Pro-V Detangling light conditioning spray conditioner is by far the most superior.

Though the tears started the moment I had brush in hand I will say that the Pantene spray was used liberally and if you start at the bottom on the hair instead of ripping out your poor child’s hair by the root and brush up the hair from ends to scalp, you will see a great improvement in how quickly it works and how much more happier your little one will be. The avoided screams are always a plus. So I highly recommend this product as one of Momma Says official MUST HAVES!

Momma says: Spend less time battling the brush for a more time tear free morning with Pantene Pro-V detangling spray.

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