I Love Bunnies Bento

Spring is trying so hard to come to Colorado. One day sunny and warm and we see the bunnies running all over the forest here and the next snowfall. Luckily the snow never sticks here but we patiently wait for it to be the last. My kiddo recently tried photographing a bunny in our yard, creeping so slowly loosing valuable light for the shot with every careful step. Though I am impressed by her patience for the shot as she creeped closer and closer alas her setting was not on correct (Momma didn’t check for her oops) and all pics came out blurry.    :(

With kiddo in mind and her love of bunnies this cute bento came to be. Like my Grandma who also loved bunnies BIG time used to say for good luck RABBIT, RABBIT, RABBIT. Hopefully next time she will get that photo.

I of course had to put today’s cute bento into a box that looks like a bunny, my melody bunny is so cute! In this cute bunny bento I used bunny shaped cookie/sandwich cutters to make the 3 bunny shaped little sammis. I tucked some green beans in between them. Above I carved an apple with I <3 and a top of a bunny’s head. next I used a peeler and shaved the ends of some organic baby carrots to look more carrot shaped, then tucked a bit of broccoli as the green tops. Love the carrots they look like the ones we will hopefully be growing in our garden if the snow ever goes away. In the bento I also added a flower made of yellow pepper and a few picks, and then filled the gap on top with some fruit and colored picks.

Momma Says: Cookie presses make for fun sandwich shapes and imprints make it more than just a cookie cutter sammi. If you find your bread a bit too stiff try a damp paper towel and a few second nuke in the microwave or you can add the damp towel then wrap in foil and put in oven for a little bit while you make the rest of the lunch. This will steam the bread a bit to help with the stamp impression by softening the bread.

I love bunnies Bento

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  1. Shirley says:

    I love bunnies! This is such a pretty bento!

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