Chicken & Waffles Bento

My kiddo loves waffles and who doesn’t love breakfast items at lunch or even dinner for the matter. So that made me think of chicken and waffles for the bento today!

I cooked some chicken nuggets and placed them into a silicon cup and did the same with the waffles. I noticed all the main food was very bland looking. So to add some color I added some raspberries and a cute chicken to the top of the nuggets and to the waffles I put a little shooting rainbow star. Next to the waffles I added some green beans to balance out the green grapes on the other side. I also added a cut out flower from a carrot and put a blue pick in the center. The flower was placed near some blackberries that are in a small heart shaped silicon cup. Next to that I squeezed in a small bottle of maple syrup for the waffles.  I really like how colorful it turned out despite the bland beginnings this bento had originally.

You can make this GF by using the right quality chicken nuggets. Perdue makes a great nugget, I have used in the past and my kiddo loves. Using quality nuggets and meats that are hormone free is always the better choice if you cant make home made. That way you wont have guilt over serving foods like chicken nuggets or hot dogs.

Momma Says: TIP – when I cut the carrot out with a small metal cookie cutter to get a more 3-D look just use a knife (or what I used a small “V” notched food chisel that I bought at a bento shop) and make small indents in between petals.

Chicken and Waffles Bento


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  1. Rebecca says:

    This bento made me smile! You did a great job and I just love it!

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