Cute & Quick Bento

Some mornings there is no inspiration for bento making. Luckily for kiddos you just need color, cuteness and variety for a happy bento for lunchtime.

Today that morning where I was flat lining for inspiration! So first I needed color, I grabbed a variety of pics and cups along with fruit and veg, to get me the colors and a corn dog because that always brings a smile.  Cuteness was next  looking thru all the picks and little animal things I decided a little kitty holding a fish would fit nice. Variety is all a go as I try to make clusters of a variety of different foods.

I used a two tier bento that has a cute pink check pattern, I like to use two tier bentos when I want to add a bunch of fruits because that makes instant separation from juicy stuff with your bread stuff. Also I can bump up the fruit part if the main ingredient like corn dog is not the healthiest choice. In my mind it kinda cancels out the bad, LOL!

In the first main tier I had cut two pieces of a corn dog and place them into silicon cups and added a flower pick. In between I placed a piece of broccoli, cherry tomato, meat flower and a piece of egg white tamagoyaki which is like an omelet. I added the picks and the kitty to cute it up. Into the top tier I arranged some of her favorite fruits. Easy and done so quick!

Momma Says : The only thing which took any time was my experimenting with breakfast making the tamagoyaki and that only took as along as it takes to make a quick egg white omelet so only 5 min maybe?

Cute and quick bento

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