Snowy Spring Bento

OK photography was kinda on the quick, so sorry .  We were running late out the door this morn when I realized I didn’t take a picture of the bento as we were rushing kiddo out the door.  She had a special day at school and we were busy with costumes and all, plus the wonderful Colorado weather blanketed us with snow for this special day, AARRGGH! Thus Snowy Spring Bento was born….

This was definitely one of my quick bentos. Leftovers saved the day here! I love that with just a few fun to look at thingies like picks and a fun cut fruit or veg it makes a boring lunch kinda special. Not one of my faves but kiddo will like the variety of stuff to look at.

This quick made bento was made with the focus on the meatball sandwich left over from dinner. I put a snowflake pick on top, next to it I have some cut up Kiwi, baby corn and a cherry tomato with a snowman pick again because it snowed today. Opposite side I have some berries with a winter cap and a cup of corn with a piece of baby corn on top (kinda looks like a flower for the spring part of this bento). I added in back some flower carrots and some little animals having fun peeking thru the flowers for the spring part again.

Tip is to have carrots  or any other fun stuff pre-cut in a baggie for days when you are strapped for time and still want to pull it together as much as possible. Really saves time when you do this!

Here is a pic of kiddo as Queen Charlotte (King George III’s wife) which had us rushing this morning, she is funny how she wanted such a serious picture LOL!


Momma Says: This bento is a mix match of spring and winter just like our crazy days here in Colorado!





Snowy Spring Bento


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