Cute Busy Bee Bento

Spring keeps trying to show up here in the Forest, but alas we are in Colorado and that will tell ya that it isn’t happening until Mother’s Day passes.  Yes we can have snow one day and be sunny summer day the next until then.  I have started my seeds indoors first week of April and thinking of Spring and cannot wait for my garden.  So Cute Busy Bee Bento idea popped into my mind.

I had some leftover sticky rice from the other day and didn’t want it to go to waste so I used a rice mold, added some nori details for bee stripes, wings and face. Around the cute busy bee I have him in a bed of salad greens with cut out flowers made of carrot, some baby corn, a strawberry in a silicon cup with a pick and some flower picks around. Opposite side I have a silicon cup with grapes and flower picks, mini orange with a leaf pick and some cucumber slices tucked into the side. Topped with a cute yellow daisy decoration.

Love this bento, it is so healthy and cute! It is totally GF and DF! I also used once again Annie Chuns rice express LOVE IT!

  Momma Says: Tip- When making the rice mold, I was able to add meat filling to center by pressing the sticky rice to sides of the mold and bottom. I then chopped up some meat and added a little mustard and mayo to bind it together. I placed a ball of the meat mix into cavity made of the rice, then put some rice on top. Then I added the top of the mold and squeezed it tight and the rice sealed nicely around meat mix. She will have a nice surprise when she bites into this cute little bee.

Cute Busy Bee Bento

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  1. Rebecca says:

    This is incredibly cute!

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