Pickachu Bento

My kiddo and I went online and found a site that shows Tokyo and the huge Pokemon store, needless to say she freaked out!  So we have been kinda Pokemon obsessed here thinking about how we want to go to Japan sometime.  We said how we would try to save so we can take a trip in a year. Then all our bento and Pokemon (Hello Kitty also) dreams will come true, LOL…

So with Pika on our brains, I decided to make this  cute bento.  I know I made a Pokemon Bento last week, but what can I say were obsessed here :)

This cute Pickachu Bento was made with a Pika sammi for the focal point. Pickachu is made from a ham and dairy free sammi with face detail made of more DF cheese, nori and peperoni cheeks. I put a cute pick by her ear to make her a girl Pickachu. Above her is a meat flower with a pick that is red that kinda reminds me of a pokeball. Beneath her I put some sliced cucumber and blueberries in small silicon cups and added a star and rainbow baran sheet.

On the opposite side I cut some large strawberry hearts and placed them on some pineapple and put a Pokemon baran sheet behind. Below I added some veg and added the name Pickachu cut out of DF cheese, added a Pickachu pick and some bright green silicon baran.

I am thinking I need to make some yellow GF bread since I have been making so many Pickachu’s lately.  I will have to research that and if I can figure it out I will post.

Momma Says: Lots of color is the key to making lunch fun for this bento!

Pickachu Bento

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