Contest-Product Review: Nu Naturals Stevia / GF Dairy Free Sugar Free Rugelach

I was excited to receive some more samples from NuNaturals Stevia products. PLUS I am so excited that they want to do a giveaway contest for my readers! 4 winners here folks, so be sure to enter (rules below)!

I have done a review of their products before and talked about how I feel about aspartame products that are in my opinion not a good alternative. Check it out here

I just love these products because they provide an excellent opportunity to add distinct flavor to your favorite dish or beverage without the guilt of calories. Hello! Sounds good doesn’t it? Well they ARE good!

They are perfect for those individuals fighting the challenges of Diabetes & obesity plus those looking to reduce or eliminate refined sugar from their kid’s diet.

I try where I can to reduce sugar from my kiddos foods and my father is diabetic so I use alternative sweeteners whenever I get a chance. These stevia products do not have any aftertaste like other stevia products I have tried. That is the best thing because kiddos know when something is different and they do not like aftertastes! You are safe with being sneaky when cooking and baking with NuNaturals products.


These products are far superior than any other Flavored Stevia products available. Some Mfg. use artificial flavorings to produce their stevia products, but not NuNaturals. Their most popular Vanilla Stevia Liquid  is made with PURE Vanilla Extract, their NEW products use REAL Lemon/Orange/Peppermint ingredients, so you can feel that your using the best quality products for your family. When using the the flavored liquid stevia you can taste it bursting with great flavor and  you won’t believe how good they smell when you open the bottle, it is truly a treat for the senses! Put a few drops into your teas or add it to carbonated water to give your kiddos a healthy alternative to sodas with yummy flavors they will enjoy! PLUS, If you like Chocolate, you’ll love this liquid chocolate stevia. Imagine making a simple frosting out of cream cheese and adding chocolate flavor with no guilt or adding to your morning joe and having the mocha with all the pleasure and no sugar calories! Possibilities are endless.

One new product that I was excited to use not only for the health for my diabetic father but because of the ease of using is the PreSweet Tagatose product that offers a 1:1 ratio for sugar sweetness levels when preparing delicious healthy recipes. This product is perfect for baking it browns like sugar and will not raise blood sugar levels!

I am so excited to announce a GIVEAWAY to 4 readers!

( 4 ) four readers will have a chance to win ( 1 ) one bottle of each of the Lemon / Orange / Peppermint Flavored Stevia Liquids, PLUS NEW CHOCOLATE STEVIA LIQUID! Contest is open to MommaSays.Net WORLDWIDE audience !

Winners: WE CAN NOT SHIP TO P O BOXES. We need full name, specific address, & email address if possible.


You can earn 3 chances to win by:

1. making a comment below on why you want to win or what product your excited to try.

2. “Like” NuNaturals on FB

3. “Like” MommaSays.Net on FB

deadline for entry is March Sunday 17,2013 midnight (mountain time)

*to get the credit make sure and post a comment below that you “Liked us “on FB NuNaturals and

Also my readers if you order from NuNaturals you can get 15% DISCOUNT on your ENTIRE ORDER. This discount remains EFFECTIVE UNTIL JUNE 30, 2013. Just enter the DISCOUNT CODE ; BLG0613.  Online ordering customers may also receive FREE SHIPPING to the CONTINENTAL U. S. on all orders exceeding $ 35.00 after discounts.

Momma Says: Here is my recipe that I used NuNaturals products and my kiddos LOVED it. I had to laugh no one knew that the cookies were SUGAR FREE, GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE!

SF, GF & DF Blueberry Rugelach

quick blueberry filling:

1 pouch of organic blueberry baby food ( I used  organic Mashups fruit and veggie smoothie pouch by revolution foods  )

2 teaspoon cornstarch

5 drops lemon NuStevia alcohol free

chopped up and mashed fresh blueberries aprox 1/4 c

mix all ingredients and microwave for 30 sec intervals until jam like consistency, set aside to cool.

Rugelach dough

5 drops liquid Vanilla stevia

8 TBL. GF, dairy free butter substitute ( I used Earth Balance brand )

4 oz  GF, dairy free cream cheese ( I used  Go Veggie brand)

1 1/2 C GF flour ( I used  )

1/2 tsp Xanthan gum

1/4 tsp salt

I also used  1/4 C  NuNaturals More Fiber Baking Blend + 1 TBL coconut oil also added 2 tsp PreSweet NuNaturals Tagatose  (in place of using 1/4 C sugar substitute stevia or tagatose (1:1 ratio) )

1. combine all dry ingredients set aside

2. In a mixer add GF, DF Butter, cream cheese and vanilla liquid stevia

3. add half dry mix to creamed mix blend till just together and add other half dry mix until just combined, Do not over mix.

4. half mix and with flour shape into two discs, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Preheat oven 350

5. take one disc and on a flour surface roll out to about 10″ circle, spread jam mix and put back in fridge for 10 min while you prep second disc.

6. cut discs into triangular (pizza cut) shapes and roll up from large end up to point.

7. place point side under onto parchment or silpat and bake for about 25 min (rotating halfway) until golden brown.

8 Cool on wire rack, enjoy…





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12 Responses
  1. Nancy White says:

    I am excited to see these new products because they are a great low calorie alternative to the “chemical” substitutes. Natural is the way to go. I love it.

  2. David White says:

    I have used Stevia for a long time and I like these excellent additons to the product line. Natural is wonderful.

  3. Eileen says:

    I use Stevia for baking have not tried the liquids yet and would love to. I am pre-diabetic so sugar is a no-no for me but being singled out while everyone else gets goodies is tough so this is a win for our family :)

  4. Shannon @Molly's Lunch Box says:

    I already LOVE this product so I’d be happy withy anything. I think the peppermint sounds awesome for tea. :).

  5. Shannon @Molly's Lunch Box says:

    I like NuNaturals on FB!

  6. Shannon @Molly's Lunch Box says:

    I like you on FB…twice! Once as me and once as my page!

  7. Mom says:

    I have used their sweetener and love it. Can’t wait to try the new products.

  8. I liked NuNaturals on FB! :)

  9. I liked on FB. Sorry I didn’t already! :)

  10. Would LOVE to try the peppermint one. :) Thanks!

  11. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    Because i’ve tried many brands of stevia, but NuNaturals is by far the best !

  12. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    Liked on facebook: Bianca Rogoveanu

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